Welcome to a Window on the Art and Love of Your Most Ancient Ancestors

On this site you can explore ancient moments frozen in time. Each image on these hand-thrown pots is drawn from the earliest messages recorded by our common ancestors.

Without a written, coded language, the one way that we can actually read the thoughts of the hearts and minds of these ancients is through the art created in Europe’s caves that we now call by names like Lascaux and Chauvet Caves in France, and Altamira Caves in Spain.

Archaeology now tells us that these stunning, lifelike pictures began to be created deep in these caves by the light of a wick set in small, stone hand-held basins of oil, at a time when Yosemite was still being carved out by a glacier, and the Pyramids of Giza were still 30,000 years in the future.

Each section of this site is set up to help you connect with the way that early humans connected to the same animals that we revere to this day through the medium of the art that has run as a lifeline through the history of our race.

Much is revealed in viewing each image. A deep, clear love is a central message, manifest in each stroke that took precious time and great effort as ancient hands etched stone using stone and colors were created by the grinding of more stone.

This evident love, as central to the human race’s existence as art itself, extended to the animals themselves, to the graceful and powerful forms that they displayed, to the animals’ movement ranging from formidable to playful to nurturing, and most likely also to love of the force that they somehow understood as the origin of the creation and yearly recreation of their world. It is now thought that these caves were the cathedrals, or places of worship for that time and place.

Each page of this site contains videos of Laura Rose’s pottery pieces that are intended to bring these ancient images out of the caves and into today’s homes. Clicking on the videos, you will hear the artist tell about its particular images, connecting them to their place in the ancient world.

In addition to the images from the caves of Europe, you will find a section of pots with images drawn from the rock art of Africa, originally created a mere 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. This art is remarkably similar to that of Europe in its manifest love of nature, of form, of artistic perspective, and of the basic source of creation. Because it was created on rock faces rather than deep in caves, it cannot be preserved for as long. Thus the time table is a shorter one. Perhaps rock art was indeed created as long ago as that of Europe’s caves, but it could not survive the elements.

Rock art is found all over the world, and some of that found in Tibet, Turkey and Pakistan are also represented in Laura’s raku pieces.

The pots shown on this site are for sale, and you can contact the artist Laura Rose for details.