Asian Images on RAKU

petroglyphs including depictions of tigers, stags, swastika and garuda




The hand-thrown pots in this section are from outdoor sites in countries such as Tibet, Pakistan and Turkey. They tend to be less ancient than the cave art of Europe and the petroglyphs of Africa, usually around 3,000 to 4,000 years old. They have mostly been etched, ground, or pecked into large rocks using another rock as the implement.
Stags and Horses of Asia
Ibex and Other Fantastic Goats of Asia
Indonesia: Sulawesi

Because of their exposure to the elements, the original art is almost always weathered in some way, but the line, the sensitivity to beauty of form, and the essential love for the animal depicted is stunning. The sense of motion and aliveness is equal to that of the rock art of Europe and Africa. Their sensibilities tend to be more fanciful.

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