boquet of hands


In many of the caves of Central Europe, as well as in caves found elsewhere around the world, the most common image is the human hand. These curiously touching images were created by the ancient artist placing a hand on the rock with fingers slightly spread and using a mixture of liquid and minerals to spray around the edges, probably by spitting.

Scientists are positing that these ancient artists might have been women due to a little-known detail about human anatomy. It seems that in most men the pointer, or first finger is a bit longer than the ring, or fourth finger. In most women the opposite is true, and the ring finger is longer. Of course, in many examples of these ancient hands it is difficult to tell  which has the longer ring or pointer finger, but overall it seems that the ring finger is often the longer one. If accurate, that would mean that women were the artists, at least some of the time.

This would make some sense due to the current thought that prior to the era of the domination of Greek and Roman civilizations with their male gods, the most frequent manifestation of god on earth was as a woman. All of the thousands of small figurines of rotund women carved from stone and wood are now thought to be representations of that female god, or goddess. When god was thought of as a woman, it could have been that her priests were also women. If the creation and use of the cave art animals was a spiritual practice as is now believed, then female priests may have served as the artists of these ancient times.


  • Raku is not for use with food or water and art is always best kept out of direct sunlight.
  • The piece is designed to be complete as it is, but to use as a vase choose dried flowers or grasses, or insert a glass with water or small planter with an orchid.
  • To purchase or commission a piece, contact the artist Laura Rose.



TITLE: Babirusa (pig-deer) with Bouquet of Hands- (#PAIn23)
Drawn from Sulawesi, Indonesia, 34,000 B.C.E.
RAKU: Approximately 9″tall by 10″ across
PRICE: 280.00
Shipping included in contiguous U.S.

TITLE: Bouquet of Hands and Wooly Mammoth- (#PAMIn106)
Drawn from Sulawesi, Indonesia, 34,000 B.C.E.
RAKU: Approximately 7″tall by 6″ across
PRICE: 150.00
Shipping included in contiguous U.S.


TITLE: Bouquet of Hands and First Kiss- (#PBWRIn107)
Drawn from Sulawesi, Indonesia, 34,000 B.C.E.
and Font de Gaume, France, 22,000 B.C.E.
RAKU: Approximately 10 1/2″tall by 8″ across
PRICE: 240.00
Shipping included in contiguous U.S.

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