African Rock Art (Petroglyphs) on RAKU

Laura Rose has created hand-thrown pots with the images of animals depicted in the earliest of African art. All over the African continent these images were pecked and gouged into rocks and cliffs over 10,000 years ago. The images are of such quality and beauty that they can stand against any art made at any time in the history of humankind, but they are seldom seen or given their just due because they are in such remote places. Laura Rose has put them on her art work so that these ancient artists can speak across the ages to tell us all of their love and respect for the natural world, and of the vital importance of art to the human spirit.

To see Rose’s work, and/or to purchase it, click on any of the following list:


Referring to photographs of this ancient art, Rose draws these animals freehand onto her pots and then uses the raku method of firing pots to create her unique work. It is her goal to transfer these images from one kind of earth to yet another so that they can be seen and loved by our modern generation. She wants today’s humans to be able to truly connect with the earliest people with whom we share a common language of art in order to see through their eyes how the essential nature of love and art reflects for us the heart and soul of the human race.

Originally, archaeologists thought that these images had been drawn in order to help with successful hunts, and the straight lines and “v” shapes were seen as arrows or spears. It is now widely accepted that these petroglyphs were more likely to have been used for spiritual purposes.

The ancient art found in the caves of Europe and elsewhere has been protected in a secure environment and can be dated fairly certainly, but rock art such is much more difficult to age since the elements have washed away most evidence and weathered the rock images.


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